Divi Style Tiles

by Layouts Cafe

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Prototype Fast!

Heading font: Comfortaa / #30343f


Remember the style tiles ? Well that was great, except it was just an  image, thus not responsive.

To fix that, I’ve created some Divi Style Tiles for my own projects, and while working on the Deep Dive with Divi 3 course, I thought the community might also benefit from it. Of course you need the Divi Theme or the Divi Builder from Elegant Themes (sponsored link) to use Divi Style Tiles. Enjoy !

KaycinhoLayouts Cafe founder

Body text font: Raleway / 18 px / Body line height 1.8


Color Palette


  • #fa7c92
  • #30343f
  • #a30036 at 43% opacity
  • #f8f8f8

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